By downloading data from this site the user accepts the Disclaimer at the bottom of the page. To find all the County data available through the portal, type in "Carver County" in the search box above. If you are looking for an individual data set, search by keywords - "Parcel", "District", "Floodplain". Aerial Photography and CAD data are not supported in the search, they are available for download below.

Data is offered for download in several ways:

  1. Shapefiles or KML - GIS Mapping Applications
  2. CSV - Tables or Spreadsheets
  3. API Link - embed in other applications with the feature service link or GeoJson

Applications to Download Specialized Data

Aerial Photography TIFF Download Application

Cadastral CAD (DXF) File Download Application

Half Section PDF File Download Application

Aerial Photography Web Service URLs

ArcGIS Rest Services Directory (all image services are also published as a WMS)
2013 - https://gis.co.carver.mn.us/arcgis_ea/rest/services/OpenAccess/CC_Imagery_2013/ImageServer
2011 - https://gis.co.carver.mn.us/arcgis_ea/rest/services/OpenAccess/CC_Imagery_2011/ImageServer
2008 - https://gis.co.carver.mn.us/arcgis_ea/rest/services/OpenAccess/CC_Imagery_2008/ImageServer
2005 - https://gis.co.carver.mn.us/arcgis_ea/rest/services/OpenAccess/CC_Imagery_2005/ImageServer


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